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Pay Per Click- PPC

Professional Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Management

Cheepwebb.com offers full service affordable
pay per click management.

PPC campaigns properly managed
and maintained can bring laser targeted
visitors, leads and increased ROI.

But every PPC campaign needs to be managed and this
involves a lot of time and an understanding of landing
page relevancy. Do you want to risk overpayment or
loss of placement? Do you have time to develop thousands of keywords and hundreds of ads across multiple search engines? If your running a business chances are your too busy to monitor your ad campaign effectively and you really need PPC management.

Why use Cheepwebb.com PPC Management

Cheepwebb’s pay per click management service ensures that your campaigns are targeted, affordable, and accountable, generating leads at a competitive ROI. We make sure your campaigns are strategic and the return is monitored on a 24/7 basis.

The Cost

We charge an affordable monthly pay per click management fee; based on your monthly advertising budget. We are Google Adwords Qualified and experienced at outmaneuvering our clients competitors in the Pay Per Click and Search Engine Marketing field. The pay per click management service keeps everything in check, the overall cost is normally less than an independently managed unmonitored account would cost.


If you have a product, service or brand that needs to be promoted, Pay Per Click is the most cost effective means of advertising at a fraction of the price of traditional print and media.

Please contact us for a free consultation and analysis of your market. 

Understanding Pay Per Click

PPC internet advertising has changed the face of advertising in just 6 years. Currently it is a $30 billion a year industry that is expected to double in 4 years. An estimated 80% of retail customers research on the internet before buying. (online or offline). Google pioneered the PPC internet advertising industry and is the runaway leader in the industry. You’ll find those “sponsored” links at the top 3 positions on a search engine result page (SERP) and along the right side column. If you doubt the effectiveness of PPC internet advertising you only have to do a few searches within Google to see the big name players in PPC. These companies aren’t playing for marginal results; they’re playing because PPC internet advertising is lucrative.

How does PPC work?

A player in PPC internet advertising develops a highly targeted list of keyword search terms relevant to their industry/product. This list of keywords is then bid on against others using those same keywords and Google determines the cost and placement of those words. Google takes into account the popularity of the words, the level of competition for those words and your maximum bid price and comes up with a price and placement level. In PPC internet advertising the higher the position is and the competition level will greatly determine the value of the word.

Once PPC internet advertising is initiated, when someone types in one of your keywords for a search for your product, Google serves up your listing to the searcher. Google will find the most relevant combination of keywords, ads, landing page and website and display the most relevant result to their customer…the searcher. PPC internet advertising is a mechanical process where the most relevant and the most willing to pay are rewarded with the most and beat traffic. And, once your PPC internet advertising campaign starts generating income, it will continue do so until you’re tired of money.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click

  1. Advertising Results are Instant and On Demand
  2. Your Internet Advertising Shows Only When Asked for
  3. Highly Targeted Traffic Leads to High Conversion Rate
  4. Impressions are Free
  5. You Only Pay for the Highly Targeted Leads
  6. You Cannot Exceed Your Established Daily Advertising Budget
  7. Complete Analytic Data for Every Lead
  8. Detailed Geo Targeted Advertising

Traffic is Not Your Friend

Fact is that a lot of traffic to your website comes at a price and unscripted or raw traffic is wasteful, and expensive. A good example is print and television advertising. With these mediums a company’s advertising is disseminated to everyone in a particular market (broadcasting), regardless of who they are, and it hopes to catch the attention of those who might be interested in the product or service. And, since it has to reach those few who might be interested, at a time when they are ready to buy, everyone else who uses those mediums are annoyingly bombarded by repetition with advertising they might never need. This creates a high impression rate with a low conversion rate. We wouldn’t throw out a net and catch every fish in the ocean just to harvest the few Black spotted Rubberlip Perches that might want to buy your fish food. Unless you have a price markup percentage in the thousands, the result is a huge expensive and annoying waste. In traditional advertising, businesses are sold on “impressions” while with PPC internet advertising the impressions are free; you only pay for prospects that already want what you have. Ask any of the established advertising mediums to show you their results for your money; they can’t, it’s impossible. Unlike PPC internet advertising, TV, radio and print can only give you a rough idea of their effectiveness. PPC internet advertising can quantify results in painstaking detail; a way that has never been possible in advertising before.

This is a general overview of PPC internet advertising. Please contact us for more details, we’ll be more than happy to explain PPC internet advertising and Pay Per Click management at length.


Want a free keyword analysis report for your product? Call and we’ll put one together for you.

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